How to mass update pricing

1) Log into your administration area of your PrestaShop Online Store

Admin Arrea

2) Once you're logged in, proceed to Modules and Services -> Modules and Services

Admin Area - Dashboard

3) In the search bar on the Modules List, start typing Mass Price Update. The Mass Price Update module should appear. Click on Configure.

List of Modules

4) On the Configure page of the Mass Price Update module enter the required percentage/amount to increase/decrease the price. Below is an example of a 10% increase on all products in all categories. After you've completed the configuration for this module click the Update prices button in the right hand corner. 

Mass price update

5) Once the process has completed your prices should be updated. The output from the module should look like below:

Module Mass Update

If you have any questions please feel free to submit a support ticket by clicking here. This tutorial assumes that the Mass price update Module is installed on your shop.

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